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 "she's got good bones"

-- The bone doctor

 We knew we needed to be creative when it came to interior design.  Inside, the building was very dark and we only had 400 square feet to showcase all our products.  I didn’t want to space to feel cluttered, so we needed to be conscious of storage and display.  

Needless to say it was a tall order.  Fortunately we scored a major win by working with Et al. Collaborative.  Manu Garza, co-founder and partner of the design and architecture firm stepped up to the challenge to transform the space.  

The design was amazing, and frankly blew my mind.  

Skylights, sliding doors, tile panels, custom metal shelves, and I'm sorry did you notice how the light from the skylights hits the jewelry case-- MIKE DROP 

Wait there's more...

Garza explains, " The design is a kit of parts really, it's inspired by proportion and size, think: S,M,L,XL. Tile panels with custom metal shelving were arranged for specific product display, the effect.... a more curated look. You really get to appreciate each unique item as you shop"

We couldn't be more pleased with this design, to see other work by et al collaborative please visit their website: www.etal-collaborative.com 

Check out a our before, during, and after photo's to see the transformation:


Inside rear view

Inside front view

Ceramic tile floor design

Rear view